My desires for Lightroom

After having used Adobe Lightroom for three weeks now, I find it a good approach but still not mature with respect of features. There are some desires which I collect here and post to the Adobe forum from time to time. My major issue is, how to migrate my data from IMatch or even let IMatch and Lightroom coexist.

The main reasons for me to switch to Lightroom are:

  • Close integration of development and Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • My switch to Mac

My main issues are (with respect to Digital Asset Management)

  • In Lightroom I never know where I am:
    • It should clearly indicate which catalog is currently open
    • It should clearly indeate the path to the image
    • It should show the size of the image
  • Lightroom should be able to handle many images (lets say 200 000) with a reasonable performance
  • Lightroom should start Photoshop in the same way as Bridge deoes – passing the RAW file to PS
  • Lightroom should support more than one external application
  • Lightroom should support more formats for extenal applications, in particular be able to send the RAW file directly to the external application
  • Lightroom should provide a full API, not only for export but also for maintainance in the database including routines to specify a User Interface
  • Lightroom should provide the same metadata editor as it is in Bridge or Photoshop
  • Lightroom should show in which collection a particular image is?
  • Lightroom should be able to do all file based operations (like rename …) directly without pointing to the Finder
  • Lightroom should support more or less any file format, even non image formats (eg. GPX, MP3) thus allowing data of entire projects being collected
  • Lightroom should prvide dynamic collections / intelligent folders / predefined queries however one might call it
  • Lightroom should support time machine
  • Lightroom should support spotlight

… there is likely more to come

Kommentar von bwl21 am 26.3.2013

This entry is five years old. Lightroom has improved significantly. Most of the issues are solved now.

I mainly miss face recognition. And it should be much faster.

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