Photomerge is cool

I recently detected how cool Photomerge (a Photoshop extension) really is. It is the best panorama merge I ever used. It is vey simple to use and gives very good results.

What I learnt:

  • always use manual exposure
  • in case of 360° panoramas, photoshop tends to hang … I gues it is 360° sounds like an endless loop when selecting the pictures
  • be sure to taken enough pictures such that you have enough space at the borders
  • watch people while taking the pictures

This is the „Porsche Museum“ in Stuttgart, currently under construction. The picture is made of 15 images taken with focal length 22mm. Even if there are many details, you cannot see that it is stiched. Note that a person passed by. He is now four times on the pic.

This is a 180° panorama from Max Eyth See in Stuttgart made of 13 images

This beautiful tree is stitched of 20 images. I was standing about 5 meters in front of this 10-15 m tree. It is really amazing how precisely the image is stitched.

This is another panorama from Max Eyth See in Stuttgart, composed of 8 images.

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