Once more the photos from Berlin – now via SmugMug

I am just looking for another more elegant method to provide photos directly from Lightroom. I created a test account on smugmug and uploaded the berlin images there. The images will be available for the next four weeks – unless I go for an account there.

It appears to me that

  • smugmug has many many features
  • pictures can easily be uploaded from lightroom using the plugin by Jeff Friedl’s Export To SmugMug plugin for Lightroom
  • is reasonably fast
  • can have public and private libraries
  • has no limits for number of photos, disk space, size of photos

I will give it a try then see …

Kommentar von Louis Dallara am 6.3.2009

Great photos, the plugin looks nice I might just look at SmugMug again seeing I advertise for them on my blog. http://louisdallara.com/wordpress2/


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