A Big Step for Geotagging on Mac

This weekend saw a big step for geotagging on Mac – I might say for geotagging at all – GPSPhotolinker 2.0 Beta.

Even if I am somewhat enthusiastic on myTracks, GPSPhotolinker is still very good and it will get much better in Version 2.0. Both tools are really great but they narrow the issue from different ends. I really would like to see the combination of both:

  • GPSPhotolinker has its focus on photos. It provides different methods determining the GPS coordinates which shall be attached to the photos.
  • myTracks has its focus on Trackmanagement including editing trackpoints. Photos are bound to trackpoints. It does not know about photos without trackpoint. Even if non tagged photos are loaded, they are attached to a trackpoint of a new track.

GPSPhotolinker 2.0 Beta 5 is very stable and also pretty fast, in particular when dealing with RAW images. I wonder how Jeff achieved this. Besides Geotagging, GPSPhotolinker evolves to a good meta data editor as well. It implements the recommendations specified by http://www.metadataworkinggroup.org.


GPSPhotolinker now has a map (from different sources like OpenStreetMap, VirtualEarth …). The location of the images are shown as pins.


I can drag the photos from Lightroom directly in to GPSPhotolinker. Tracks can also be loaded via drag&drop.

The next screenshot shows the Geocoding console whis is used to geoencode the images.


This image shows the Standard (which was previously called Batch) mode. The parameters can be adujusted as shown below.


The manual mode allows to identify the location of the photo in the center of the map.  This is also very good to tweak the results of batch mode.


The single mode allows to automatically geoencode each photo individually. One can see how GPSPhotolinker interpolates between two trackpoints.


There is also a Track manager which allows to select individual tracks which are highlighted on the map.


Handling Metadata

The tool also takes care of metadata. For this it provides a Metadata pane which can be customized by drag & drop. The metadata pane is a bit small and not as compact as the one in Lightroom. But it provides tooltips for each field.


I will see how useful it is for me. Nevertheless, I have to rewrite my Geotagging Userstory.

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