Upgrade to Snow Leopard – few problems which all could be solved

Now I have upgraded two Macs to Snow Leopard. All in all I had no problems, the installation seems to free 35 Gb – unbelievable! Read more details …

There were only a few problems:

  1. When installing on my iMac, I got the message: „OSProductManagerDomain-Fehler 100.“ After a few moments of panic I recognized that the DVD drive made lots of noise. So I took out the DVD and cleaned it. Then everything went well.

I roughly tried my favorite applications

  1. 1Password – following the advice in http://www.switchersblog.com/2009/06/getting-1password-to-work-on-snow-leopard.html made it work
  2. Jameica – did not work initially. The hint to switch java to 32bit mode did not work either. So I switched to the nightly build as shown in http://hibiscus.berlios.de/doku.php?id=support:macos#seit_dem_update_auf_snow_leopard_macosx_10.6_laesst_sich_jameica_nicht_mehr_starten. Thanks Olaf Wiluhn
  3. myTracks – no problem
  4. Photolinker – no problem
  5. Lightroom – no problem
  6. Drobo dashboard – no problem
  7. Time machine on drobo – no problem
  8. eyeTv – no problem
  9. Video Lan Client with t-home entertain streams – no problem
  10. Reveal – displays exif data but preview image is in wrong colors, and buttons are yellow
  11. Smultron – no problem
  12. skype – no problem
  13. Adium – no problem
  14. Agfa Scanwise – does not recognize the color profile. I guess I need another scanner software. Vuscan works with my scanner but I need to try more. Scan from preview does not work with my Agfa Snapscan 1212u
  15. BasicColor display – it came up but I did not yet perform a calibration –
    4.1.12 could not validate the calibration
    4.1.15  works fine
  16. Syrinx – no problem
  17. Cyberduck – did not work. I installed the new beta from Cyberduck-3.3b3.zip, did not try the other workaround
  18. Disk Inventory – no problem
  19. Google Earth – did not start initially but after several tries it did (windows mode 😉
  20. Virtual Box – I have only a small one, but his works
  21. Zipeg – no problem

In summary, the upgrade was successful.

Now going to play aoround with it. Doc exposé is great!

Addendum 31.10.2009: have a look at http://snowleopard.wikidot.com/ for information about compatibility of software under Snow Leopard.

Kommentar von M. Gsell am 31.10.2009

Hello, I have also a Agfa Snapscan 1212u and the same problems about the scanner software. Do you have any final solution or hints for me?

Kommentar von bwl21 am 31.10.2009

I finally bought vuescan http://www.hamrick.com/vsm.html. I am not that happy with this software, the handling is a bit strange, but I get used to it.

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