Only a few nightshots from Regensburg

Again Autosar Meeting – in Regensburg. Lots of discussions not much of a sightseeing. But a frew shots remain …

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Autosar Meeting Paris

We had another Autosar Meeting in paris. The meeting took place near La Defense Grand Arche. We had lots of discussions in the meetings and besides them. But also there were some opportunities to take pictures – mainly in the evening.

Sometimes, I am asked if AUTOSAR Meetings are sightseeing tours? I would not agree to this. The opportunity to see foreign cities is is an comforting addon to the fact that we travel once a month – missing our families and being away from home. On the other hand, to visit each other the participants home countries helps us to understand each other better. Neverthelss – I am already there, so I take the camera and do my best …



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Few Shots from Autosar Meeting Munich

We met in Munich for another Autosar WP II 1.2 workgroup meeting. We did not do much sightseeing. So there are only a few shots from the Dachau Palace …

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Few impressions from Gothenburg

We had another AUTOSAR meeting in Gothernburg. I made a few shots – even if we did not manage to see much of the city.

To see the images,  click here Weiter…

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Some shots from Cambridge

We had a meeting in Cambridge UK. Not much opportunity to take pics, therefore only a few shots today.

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Some shots from Berlin

Visiting Berlin for another Autosar meeting, I had a few opportunities to take pictures, mostly by night. Berlin is really a very interesting city and I should go there once for sightseeing and photography only. Weiter…

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Toulouse by night

Last week AUTOSAR WP II 1.2 met in Toulouse. In the evenening we had a walk in the city. Very impressive is the Capitole.

There is also a colored Bridge and some more to see.


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