Hello again – Hello goodbye!

  • 28.10.2016
  • Mac

Yesterday we saw the Apple event where they announced new Macs and Apple  TV (who needs that?). The show was titled „Hello Again“. But what did we see.

Tim Cook was tired and boaring. He did not even learn his speech such that he had to keep his eyes on the teleprompter instead of the audience. Craig Federighi was a shadow of himself if you compare with good old „Steve“ times. The young lady from Adobe was excited. The DJ was .. I don’t know.

We saw new macs – thinner and lighter – not sure who requested this. I would like to see better and faster.

We saw disappearing plugs Magsafe, Ethernet, USB-A.

We saw a Touchbar – nice thing, but I doubt that  if the majority of customer need or even want this. But it drives the price up by 300 Euro.

We saw a price range which is beyond compare.

If I would buy a new Macbook, I expect 32 GB  RAM, 1TB SSD and a reasonable fast processor. And it should be about 2500 Euro max. And it should not require a bunch of adapters. It is not available at Apple. With 16GB RAM it is 3500 Euro.

I would buy a Macbook mainly because of macOS. For Windows MS and Dell has really nice machines. But I still want macOS – not because the latest gimmicks but because Time Machine, Spotlight, the underlying Unix etc.

I am afraid Apple comes to a point where they loose the customer … who is the customer? The Professionals – the machine is not at the cutting edge on performance. The Consumer – the stuff is simply too expensive.

@Apple: why is reducing thickness of a macBook so important? I don’t know.

What shall we do?

  1. first I do not buy a new Macbook, hoping, that my box makes it two more years
  2. if I need a new one, buy a refurbished device of the old generation – it will keep 5 more years
  3. hope that Apple has an insight and returns to the path of customer satisfaction
  4. If anything goes wrong – Windows 🙂

Was this event to say Hello to good bye?






Kommentar von Michael am 29.10.2016

I actually think the new Touchbar is a big plus — I never really managed to remember which function key does what. iOS has had a similar feature for quite some time now, and I found that quite useful.

What bothers me that Apple charges quite a lot for the RAM/SSD upgrades. I could probably work with 8GB/256GB in the forseeable future – I don’t do much coding or photography these days, and never got into video. Apple wants me to pay 200€ just for a 256GB SSD upgrade, and 240€ for additional 8GB RAM, and thats certainly not a bargain.

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